Principled but lazy

I was gonna change my website from WordPress to Substack but I got distracted and didn’t make the change. Then GoDaddy auto-renewed this week and I’m committed for another year.

Oh wait, that’s my hosting. WordPress renews in December. I’ve still got time. I will get around to it, lol.

Allegedly I have 120 followers on this site? But none of you are buying my books, wtf guys?

Yet my old post about how badly beets taste is getting love.

I don’t know what you people want.

Tech Upgrade

I now have a dual-monitor setup.

This isn’t new tech, just an old monitor I had lying around.

My next real tech upgrade might be my microphone, but I’d really prefer to save up for a drawing tablet. Then again, I’ve got a bamboo pad and a hand-me-down laptop to dial in.

And I can use another old laptop to sail the high seas for programming on my television.

Man…you really only need old junk, huh…

State of the Dread: September 2022

Big breakthroughs on Howling Wilderness. The rest should be done by the end of the year and then I’ll take a break before getting it primed for Halloween 2023. Wish I could have done it for 2022, but this way I’ll have time to get quality digital illustrations dialed in. Between drafts I’ll decided on a palette-cleanser project.

Did some scribbling and stuff, but the big thing was the new thumbnails for YouTube. They’re versatile so I’ll use them elsewhere, too. I’m gearing up for Inktober 2022 now, and I’ll get some sketches done far ahead of time.

In August I read eight books. Nothing that made the best-of-year list but they were all very good. I’ve been thinking about the best-of list and I’ve decided that if I were to go back to previous years when I had 10 or 12 or 15 books on it, many of them would not break the threshold now.

In September I’m clearing out some stuff on the to-read list from a while back, and then I’ll have a goal to read maybe two nonfics a month for the rest of the year. Now that the move is over I can set print reading goals as well.

The rest is irrelevant. You’re here for my reading, writing, and drawing.

The Opposite of a Birthday

That would be the day that you died, right? Where you don’t eat cake, or anything? And instead of gifts, you get an insult of incredible magnitude?

Mentioning this for no particular reason, certainly not anything that’s going to show up in a search-engine blip.

OTD in 1973, Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, who created the majority of the corpus of poetry that exists in Old English today, and replaced the mythology that the Normans destroyed a thousand years ago in the British Isles, passed through the veil and into the next plane of existence.

His legacy of imagination and mythology will live forever, no matter how many billion-dollar corporations pay his ungrateful great-grandchildren millions of dollars so they can shove a fist up its rear end and make it parrot current-day sociopolitical drivel.

Thank you for your life and your work, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. I should very much like to shake your hand someday.

State of the Dread: August 2022

Very bold of me to drop an update when I’ll be doing it again in nine days but good luck getting me to care. August has been an outhouse tornado and I’m just counting down the days until it ends.


Cracked 30k in HOWLING WILDERNESS. I’ve embraced the hot mess that is the first draft. I just need to get it down so I can focus on fixing it. Aiming for a Halloween 2023 release.


Finished a few books this month and in July, mainly I’m working my way through Rob Kroese’s Mercury books. I think Rekieta has a new case coming up soon so I’ll probably follow that, too.


Just the new channel art for YT.


I’ve gotten scripts ready for September, but haven’t recorded them. Gonna work on it this week.


The fact that I’m not an overly corpulent blob after a multi-state move is kind of a miracle, but working insane hours to get your whole house packed and then unpacked will do that to you. If I were to take a testosterone test right now it would probably be a fail.


Nothing, get back to work.

Go Horse

Jeez, you fall off the horse one day, and suddenly it’s been three weeks since you posted.

I took WordPress off my phone because they rainbow’d the logo for June. Corporate endorsement in the Pr!de movement is cynical at best and I’m tired of it. Been tired of it for years. Whatever the cause, they don’t actually care about you, they care about your money. The second that brand becomes unprofitable they’ll sweep it under the rug.

That and WordPress kind of sucks. They don’t have integrated antimalware tech, you have to pay a ridiculous amount of extra money for it, and malware is what crashed Upstream a few months ago.

My site is due to renew in September, so I’m going to move over to Substack sometime around then. Just got a lot going on right now.

Anyway, I’ll pre-program a few posts for this week and maybe next week. They’ll be simple and short, and they’ll reward you cats for checking out the site. Talk to you soon.

RIP Teren Christensen

I’m gonna mention our late bro Teren on the Radcracker podcast today, but in case you wanted to donate to his memorial fund, here’s the link.

I really don’t care for GoFundMe, but that’s where it’s set up, so it is what it is. Teren was a great man and deserves to be mourned and remembered.

It looks like he hit his head, got a concussion, and the condition worsened from there. (See tweet.)

RIP, Handicap Hulk. See you down the road.


Hey, I missed the last few days of posting because I was out of town over the weekend. Came home and two of my kids got sick. I’m still trying to catch up on a million other things, including print books that people have bought.

(If you haven’t gotten yours yet, email me. Dreadpennies at gmail dot com.)

Anyway, gotta get back to writing, then prioritize some videos. See you soon.

UpstreamReviews is back up

Last week the site went down because it was based on WordPress, which doesn’t have malware protection built into its platform for some incredibly stupid reason.

After looking into the options for remedying the problem, BossRob decided to move it over to Substack. So the old URL takes you to a dead page, and the new URL is

I don’t know if Rob will connect the URL to the new site. Probably. I’ll holler here when it happens.

Anyway, Declan Finn is running the Substack, I think Rob is running the Twitter, and I’m now running the Instagram. Shaky legs so far, but I’m working out a rhythm for it.

Keep reading and sharing. We’re the alternative block for literary entertainment, friends.