“On a final note…” (20 minutes later)

S/o to Ben for catching that, haha.

I did a review on a book that made my best-of list for 2014. Links are in the video description. It’s about the philosophy of work, and the way people change when they’re in an environment where the quality of their work isn’t the deciding factor in assessing their contributions to the company.

Go watch it. Ran a little longer than I planned, but it’s good.

The Rekieta Whirlwind

Last week prominent law streamer Nick Rekieta was punted off YouTube mid-stream due to a mass-flag campaign. A lot of people in his orbit made videos about it, and I answered a rallying call to speak up on his behalf. (About 150 of my subs came from the chat on his channel.)

On Friday afternoon his channel was reinstated, but he’s still under a two-week ban for some reason. I dunno. I think he’s appealing it but he’s backed up on Rumble and Odysee, and that’s where he’s spending his time. I should start posting my stuff to those channels too.

Anyway, here is my video on free speech.

New Channel Art

Forgot to tell you guys I made these. Go subscribe to my channel, please.

Most of the YT channel will still be about books and reading, but I wanted to diversify the content with other things that I do regularly.

The current reading project for the channel is “What So Proudly We Hail.” I have videos scripted, just not recorded. Those who know, know that I have a lot going on for the next week.

In between video scripts, I’m picking at Howling Wilderness. It’s up and down with that one.

I draw when I can’t write, or when I’m not in the mood. My digital stuff is improving, and when I sit down to do publication-worthy stuff, I’m really pleased with the result. Onward and upward.

Like I need another hobby

I’m about to have a huge shop in my backyard, so I can finally start working on cars again like I did 20 years ago.

I’m gonna be tempted to take up new hobbies like Mister Boylei here, but I cannot do it. I have enough dreams that won’t come true, lol.

Anyway, this week he made a dragon. You should also check out the Wild West town he’s been building. All of his stuff is excellent.

Video Fodder: 3 Branches of Government

First of all, check out Todd Michael, who generates materials for homeschoolers.

Second: I think I should do a video on this, just so I have something to refer people to when it becomes clear that they have no freaking idea how government works.

Even if they’re not convinced by it, I will get clicks and subs, and this will increase my power level.

And now for something local…

“Uncle” Ethan Van Sciver was one of the early “comicsgaters” who left the mainstream industry and had massive success as an independent artist. His CyberFrog comic has already grossed millions of dollars and will continue to rake in the cash. He’s got an eBay store with cool merch too.

I didn’t know that he grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He mentioned that in one of his videos this week, covering that nutjob who threatened to blow up all of SLC if the courts didn’t finalize his divorce.

Uncle Ethan goes on to say he’s not active right now, but he’s not shown any hostility toward it, so that’s cool. He’s just a chill guy drawing fun comics. Give him a look.

Been a While, Back in Style

Last week got away from me pretty hard. I went out of town and didn’t get to do any post prep on Sunday, then worked a nearly 70-hour week, so that sucked up all of my evening time. I’m amazed I even got a video out.

I’m starting a new series on the channel, covering chapters from a book called “What So Proudly We Hail.” It’s about American civics and culture.

Here’s the first one. I’m back on deck for this week, should be daily posts again.

Nine Four Two gets a big Thank You


I’m very pleased and grateful that the YT channel keeps inching closer to a thousand subs. This process always seems like a crapshoot (one video will get 50 views, one will get 5, I never know what will hit right) but I’m going to keep at it.

942 subs. Thank you for boosting the signal, subbing, and sharing the channel. This is one arrow in my quiver of getting to become an independent creator.

Until then, I shall continue to truck.