Fresh Meat, Not Reboots: Silas and Josie

Like me, you’re probably tired of every new movie franchise really just being a retread, reboot, sheboot, or genderbend of an old classic.

There are plenty of other characters out there who deserve to make it to the screen besides Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, King Arthur, and so on. I could list a million more.

We’ve seen every damn iteration we should see. Studios will just milk a property that has no trademark but enjoys high brand recognition.

Here are some book series that you should jump into so that we increase the chances of seeing them on screen someday.



Go read SLEEPLESS HOLLOW. Silas and Josie are time-traveling ghost hunters who have to save Sleepy Hollow on Halloween in 2020. I published this book pre-pandemic, so I didn’t write the lockdowns, the riots, or the election BS into the story, because that stuff is stupid.

Get me on the big screen.

Author: grahambradley

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